University Cooperative School

5601 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Josie Warner

Whether planning haunted houses, joyfully wrangling a toy auction, or chaperoning the second grade on their class trip to Portland, Josie brings adventure to learning.

As part of the University Cooperative School literacy team, Josie works with Randi (K) and Kyra (3-5) to meet each child at an appropriate level and plant seeds for creative, passionate, life-long literacy. 

Working together, they make sure kids have – not just the tools and skills needed for reading and writing –  but also a hunger for stories from other worlds and other lives, and the passion to share stories of one’s own.

I value the community of dedicated, smart, fun, funny teachers I get to work with. The depth of relationship we are able to have with children and families makes University Co-op different from other schools.

As a girl, Josie loved animals and nature, and loved to read all the time. She grew up in Vinland, Kansas, a small hamlet outside of Lawrence. Across the gravel road from her house was a landing strip where the crop dusters would take off and land.

Josie received her degree in developmental education from Pacific Oaks College, and has done additional literacy training at Columbia Teachers College. She has taught preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade.

She shares life in Seattle with her teenage son, Oscar and her kitten, Pasha. She studies yoga, and likes to bake. And still loves to read. And read. And READ!

She was recently spotted adventuring in Ireland with Emily and Randi, her co-conpirators in the k-2 pod.