University Cooperative School

5601 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Elyse DeVries

Elyse has been an enthusiastic ambassador for University Co-op since her daughter joined the school in Kindergarten. She has served on the U Co-op admissions team since 2016, first as a team member, then as Admissions Chair for four years. Elyse joined the U Co-op staff in 2021. Before her time at University Co-op, she was an active member of University-Ravenna Co-op Preschool and served as Admissions & Marketing Committee Chair and a board member at FTCNS Co-op in Chicago.

Outside of her admissions and trustee duties for these fantastic co-op schools, Elyse has spent the last 20+ years as a marketing professional mainly in the tech sector. It’s a dream come true for Elyse to combine her marketing experience with her passion for providing a joyful, caring, child-centered cooperative education for kids. She loves spending her days working with the administrative team and the fantastic U Co-op volunteers to build a thriving, caring, and diverse community of students and families.

Elyse lives with her husband, daughter, and adorable pup, Zumi. You’ll find her exploring the forests, mountains, and seaside towns of the Pacific Northwest and traveling abroad with her family in her free time. A proud SciFi & Fantasy nerd, Elyse loves gaming, reading geeky novels, and seeing every Marvel movie on opening day.