University Cooperative School

5601 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Our Co-op is Unique!

Our Co-op School is Unique!

You might be wondering if your family has the time for a co-op school. We are here to tell you, yes, absolutely, and here’s why. Our co-op model of participation is unique! At University Co-op, parents and caregivers play important roles but are not responsible for running the school. We know your time is precious, and although you are invited and encouraged to participate, we are committed to making the co-op experience a benefit rather than a burden for families.

Our school is in good hands! We have a teaching team responsible for curriculum and the classrooms, a forward-thinking board of trustees that focuses on strategic planning, and fiduciary responsibilities, and an administrative team responsible for visioning and running the school. We also have professional cleaners and tradespeople who keep our building ship shape!!

Meaningful and Manageable Ways to Contribute

You can choose to be involved as much or as little as you like, (guilt free!) in whatever ways work best for your family. Whatever you choose, we promise that you will find your time well spent and very rewarding. Below are examples of a variety of options for community involvement:

  • Participate in school traditions & community events (So many fun options to choose from!)
  • Chaperone field trips & camping trips (We go all over the city, and love to get out in nature!)
  • Go skiing or biking with your 3rd-5th grade student and their classmates
  • Attend fundraising events (Our spring auction is a blast!)
  • Support the school financially (All contributions are appreciated and put to good use)
  • Attend the DEI Speaker series (A great way to learn and grow together)
  • Volunteer at the Open House (help introduce our school to prospective families)