University Cooperative School

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5601 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Grades 3-5

Diving Deep

Children in the 3-5 Pod are ready to dive more deeply into learning and adventure. They tackle multidisciplinary projects collaboratively and individually, and relish sharing creations and discoveries with their peers, teachers, and families. The 3-5 Pod Teaching Team prioritizes building children’s confidence and fostering a life-long love of learning. Each year in the 3-5 Pod is a mix of treasured traditions and new units concocted by our wizard educators to meet students’ needs, speak to their interests and questions, and offer ample opportunities for challenge and play.

A Day In The Life

Good Morning All Pod Community Circle
Literacy Block
Science Block
Math Block
Lunch & Recess
Specialists / Physical Education
Social Studies / Outdoor Education / Project Time
Closing Grade Level Meeting / All Pod Community Meeting

Specialists include: Art; Cultural Studies focusing on Spanish; Drama; Dance; Instrumental Music; Singing

University Cooperative School Graduates Are:

Joyful learners solid in the core academics needed to flourish in middle school
Confident public speakers
Strong advocates for others and for themselves
Compassionate and connected community members
Comfortable interacting with adults
Brave adventurers