University Cooperative School

5601 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Grades 1 & 2

Curious Creators

Our focus on developmentally appropriate learning means that children in Grades 1-2 experience fun curriculum designed in-house that emerges from their natural curiosity and developing passions. Each year is a patchwork of beloved traditions and new adventures. Children and families look forward to the Chestnut Walk, Valentines Compliment Circles, caring for the school pets, raising and releasing salmon, and the Spring Play. Through experiences inside and outside of the classroom, nurturing educators on the K-2 Pod Teaching Team instill in each child confidence and compassion as learners and community members.

A Day In The Life

Good Morning Circle / All Pod Community Circle

Reading Groups / Outdoor Education


Literacy Block

Recess & Lunch with K-2 Friends

Math Block

Social Studies / Science / Special Projects


Specialists* / Play Studio

Good Bye Circle

*Specialists: Art; Cultural Studies; Drama; Dance & Creative Movement; Instrumental Music; Singing