University Cooperative School

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Learning Through Play

Kindergarteners learn through play in a nurturing, arts-focused environment. Our multiage program means that each day Kindergarteners spend time with both their age-mates and older children. Kindergarteners especially love playing with their 3rd Grade Buddies, whether singing, reading, or at all school celebrations.

Kindergarteners begin and end their day in their bright and airy classroom. Between good morning and goodbye, however, our youngest learners can be found in the treasure-filled Play Studio, creating in the art room, at recess at Cowen Park, skipping out their wiggles on the sidewalk in front of school, dancing in the gym, cooking in the kitchen, or even playing xylophone and bongos in the music room.

Kindergarten runs from 8:40 AM – 1:30 PM. We pack an immense amount of fun and adventure, creative expression and learning into each school day! For families looking for whole day child care everyday or only on some days, we offer an Extended Day Program, including programming just for Kindergarteners.

A Day In The Life

Good Morning Circle / All Pod Community Circle
Whole Group Classroom Time for integrated, creative exploration of literacy, mathematical, and scientific skills and topics 
Play Studio / Small Group Time
Recess & Lunch with K-2 Pod friends
Goodbye Circle

Specialists: Fine Arts; Dance & Creative Movement; Instrumental Music