University Cooperative School

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Striking It Rich

University Cooperative School families play an active and pivotal role within our community. We welcome and rely on our parent/guardian involvement. Their generous giving of time, talents and treasure are invaluable. Parents and caregivers experience a richness to their lives from spending time with a host of amazing children. Families get to know the students as their children’s friends, and they get to know and admire them as individuals.

Home Away From Home

Parents/guardians feel as familiar with and comfortable at the school as their students do. Families may work in the school or pass through during the day, and are always welcome in the building.

Travel Companions

Parents/guardians reap the benefits of sharing the journey of caregiving with others. There is a spirit of helping, caring, and sharing among families. Friendships that last a lifetime begin at University Cooperative School.

Expectations & Rewards in the Classroom

Families volunteer in the classroom for one shift (3.5 hours) for half the school year, or every other week for the entire school year.

School Job

Parents/guardians perform a school job that suits their interests, skills, and availability. Only one job is required regardless of how many students a family has at the school. There is a wide range of jobs with various time commitments and responsibilities; examples include positions in leadership, administration, information technology, health and safety, facilities maintenance, and fundraising.

Additional Expectations

Families attend monthly class meetings and participate in occasional work parties. There are many additional opportunities to volunteer for field trips, help with school projects, and participate in community events, to whatever extent works for an individual family.


Tuition alone does not cover all of the expenses involved in educating a University Cooperative School student. We rely on fundraising to bridge this gap. All families are expected to participate in the school’s two main fundraising events: the annual fund and auction.

I chose University Cooperative School because I knew that my children would thrive here and I wanted to be involved in their school life beyond the pre-school years. What I didn’t anticipate is just how amazing it is to be part of this community.

– University Cooperative School Parent